Lead to future in Regenerative Medicine


Lead to future in Regenerative Medicine

General Medicine: Open Access is a peer-reviewed-open access journal and an official journal of IOMC (International Online Medical Council). Its main aim is to publish an article related to Medicines, disorders, diagnoses, and treatment and make the information easily available to all people. It welcomes research articles, review articles, commentary articles, short communications, case reports, clinical image articles, etc. The journal contains a highly knowledgeable editorial team and reviewers from all over the world. The articles approved for publication in the Journal of General Medicine: Open Access support the journal's objectives to link researchers and clinical physicians so that they can share their knowledge and provide outcomes which is beneficial to humanity. These articles published contain recent and ongoing research, particularly in the field of clinical trials.

General medicine, diagnosis, primary care, epidemiology, pathogenesis, Adolescent medicine, Diabetes mellitus, Metabolic syndrome, Nonsurgical Treatment, Immunology infectious diseases, Clinical immunology, Hypertension, Multi-system disease, Clinical pharmacy, Health systems, Chemotherapy, Infectious diseases, Public health, and Preventive Medicine, are among the topics covered in the Journal of General Medicine: Open Access. The Editorial Manager System is used by the journal for online submission, review, and tracking of manuscripts. Reviewers may be members of the Journal of General Medicine’s editorial board or outside professionals; any cite-able submission must receive the approval of at least two independent reviewers and most important the approval of the editor before being accepted for publication. So only correct and useful information is given to the people through articles, which is one of the main motives of the journal.

Journal of General Medicine's aim is to bring the latest research regarding Medicine to the world, give reorganization to the scientist and researchers for their hard work and contribution in the field of science and bring the best out of them, and provide more information and knowledge to the researchers who are working in the same field.

  • Journal h-index: 4
  • Journal Cite Score: 6.39
  • Journal Impact Factor: 6.32
  • ISSN - 2327-5146

The Journal of General Medicine: Open Access is a well-established journal (Vol. 10) with multiple indexing and has a prodigious reader base to read and broadcast the work, this Journal helps to share the knowledge of researchers from all over the world which eventually helps other people working or doing research in the same area and it also helps people to gain the knowledge about it.

Indexing- The Journal of General Medicine: Open Access is indexed in Google scholar, Academic Keys, Publons, OCLC- WorldCat, EBSCO A-Z, Hamdard University, Open J Gate, and RefSeek.

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In Today’s world due to change in lifestyle people are getting affected by many diseases and in those infectious disease has become the most common due to poor lifestyle and negligence toward one health, doctors and researchers are working on it so that their cure can be done. Apart from it the raising of awareness programs to educate people about public health, and mental health and telling them how the busy life of today’s world affects people’s life, approximately 1 in 5 adults (21%) with hypertension have it under control. Hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide. On the other hand, infectious diseases affect life expectancy and have many bad impacts on people’s lives so it is also needed to spread awareness among them so that they would start maintaining hygiene in their surroundings and can prevent themselves from infectious diseases.

Latest Research in General Medicine field: - Currently the researchers on working on Drug development including the JNC8 blood pressure guideline, sepsis, and ARDS definitions, autism science, cancer screening, etc.

Recent developments in biomedical science and cutting-edge technologies have made it possible to investigate mental health on several platforms using data from human populations. Mental health is discussed in the Reviews in this series, along with chronic illness and their diagnosis, Adolescent medicine, Diabetes mellitus, Metabolic syndrome, and Nonsurgical Treatment.

Journal Highlights

  • Epidemiology
  • Pathogenesis.
  • Adolescent Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Nonsurgical Treatment
  • Immunology Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Public Health
  • Monitoring and Treatment Protocols
  • Developing New Health Care Programs
  • Clinical Outcomes

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  • High-quality peer review service
  • All valuable indexation
  • High Impact factor
  • Citation count of more than 10,000
  • The complete peer-review process and reviewer's comments were verified by Publons
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