Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia Invites Manuscripts for Volume 4, Issue 1


Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia is a peer reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing research on all aspects of surgery and anaesthesia. This journal aims to keep anaesthesiologists, anaesthetic practitioners, surgeons and surgical researchers up to date by publishing clinical & evidence based research.

It would be our extreme pleasure to invite you to submit your manuscripts to our journal for our upcoming issue Volume 4, Issue 1.

We would appreciate receiving your submission on or before January 25th, 2020 OR let us know your feasible time to extend the deadline. Your submissions will be paid high priority during processing.

Instructions for Authors

Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia brings articles in all areas related to Transplant Surgery, Laproscopic Surgery, Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Robotic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Neurosurgery, Colorectal Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Anesthesia and Clinical Research, Local Anesthesia, Sedation, Regional Anesthesia, Anesthetic Agents, Nerve Blocks, Spinal, Epidural and Caudal Anesthesia, General Anesthesia, Thoracic Anesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology, Obstetric Anesthesiology, Analgesics, Anesthesia & Critical Care, Spinal Anesthesia, Anesthetics, Epidural Anesthesia, Clinical Anesthesia, Dental Anesthesia, Vascular Anesthesia, Surgical Anesthesia, etc. Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Papers will be published approximately 15 days after acceptance.

As a member of Publisher International Linking Association, PILA, Longdom Publishing SL’s JSA follows the Creative Commons Attribution License and Scholars Open Access publishing policies.

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A manuscript number will be e-mailed to the corresponding author within 72 hours.

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